Monday, 7 January 2013



In our final brief before Christmas we were asked to create a cake with a typographical theme.

For this brief we were allowed to work independently or in a group of up to 3.

I chose to work in a group with Dan Everitt and Will Jeffrey.

We chose to make ‘Hashbrownies’. These were plain brownies cut into the shape of hashtags. It means the cake has a typographical influence whilst also having a ‘play on words’.

To present the ‘hashbrownies’ Dan produced a presentation card with input from both Will and I.

After a failed attempt we managed to produce a brownie that was both tasty and easy to manipulate into the shape required.

Once we had cooked the batch of brownies, whilst Dan was producing the presentation card, Will and I cut the slabs of brownie into the hashtag shape.


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