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·      Change format once set up
-       Layout
-       File – Document set-up

Colour & swatch pallets

-       Text//box colour
-       Pallet menu
-       New colour swatch
-       Link established between swatch and object

·      Spot colours
-       Colour mode in new swatch

·      Tints
-       Select colour
-       New tint swatch

All swatches are editable

Change 100% swatch and all tints will update

Photoshop considerations
-       CMYK
-       Actual size
-       300 dpi
-       File type:
-       TIFF or PSD
-       PSD keeps layers
-       Transparency

Illustrator Considerations
-       Colour mode – CMYK
-       Colours applied
-       Save as AI
-       Copy and paste straight into InDesign

When place PSD image (or TIFF) colours appear in swatch.

The rest of the information is taken from Alex Dyson as I had to leave the session to play football for the college.

Colour Separation:

For a CMYK print, we would get four print-outs. One for each colour. From each one of those, a plate/screen would be made to print each colour.

When this is turned on, the overprint preview automatically appears to make the image sharper.

When each colour is isolated, you can see in the preview the part of the image which will be black.

40-65 lpi is best for screen printing.
commercial printing is between 120-170 lpi.

Moiré patterns are when two grids overlay each other.

To set a document up in InDesign for overprint, you open the attributes window.

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