Wednesday, 27 November 2013


In today's Creative Suite session, we were set a task to find and identify the problems with a piece of work that was supposedly ready to print. Once we had found the problem we were then supposed to write down how we would solve that problem.


5 ink print job

9 errors

1 three-page spread


1.    Unused spot colour meaning it could cost more as it is reading as a siz colour print job rather than a 5.
-       Good practice to remove.
-       Check colours – outlook – separation.

2.    One swatch was in RGB rather than CMYK meaning that I may not print.
-       Change the mode of the swatch.

3.    Image in RGB rather than CMYK, again meaning it is unlikely to print in its full colour.
-       Change to CMYK colour mode.
-       `Edit in Photoshop & save, it will automatically update in InDesign.
-       Right click – edit in Photoshop.
-       Alt & double click the image.

4.    Some type in Registration rather than black, making it a more expensive print job.
-       Use Ink Limit to see this.
-       Change to black.

5.    Small image enlarged in InDesign.
-       Should be scaled in Photoshop.
-       Quality will be lost as it is a small image.

6.    Image not the actual size, meaning unwanted memory added to the size of the file.
-       This should be resized in Photoshop and will then update in InDesign.

7.    One image is at 200dpi rather than the required 300dpi.
-       This should be resized in Photoshop and will then update in InDesign.

8.    One image is saved as a JPEG. This is not a major problem, however, it does mean the quality will diminish the more you use it.
-       This needs to be opened in Photoshop, saved as a TIFF and re inserted into the InDesign document.

9.    Bottom left photo doesn’t have any bleed. This means that s there is any slight discrepancy when cutting a white edge will be visible.

When you are using a greyscale image the colours can be changed in InDesign rather than having to revert to Photoshop.



-       Makes a copy of the InDesign file.
-       All images & fonts.
-       Gives summary with any warnings.
·      Can all be specifically looked at and checked.
·      Generate printable report.

Can then add instructions.

Makes a new folder, copying everything into it.

1 folder.


-       Highest quality is ‘Press Quality’.
-       For digital print just use ‘High Quality Print’.
-       Just to be viewed on a screen, use ‘Smallest File Size’.
-       Printers may specify or have downloadable presets.
-       PDF contains everything.


-       Output – colour.
-       All converted to CMYK (except spots).
-       May need to add bleed and crop marks.
-       Significantly smaller file.

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