Friday, 15 November 2013


Whilst researching into all aspects of design for print I decided on the format that I wanted to produces my work in. 

I wanted to design and produce a newspaper. The reason I wanted to design a newspaper was because of the qualities and attributes associated with them as well as it being something different and something unlike anything I have designed before.

Newspapers are disposable, passive and mass produced. They have specific dimensions depending on their content or audience and use a stock and process that is not used in the same way anywhere else.

Although I wanted to produce a newspaper, I did not want it to have all the qualities that commercial papers have. I wanted to invert some of these qualities. I wanted to produce a newspaper that was not disposable, rather something that you wanted to hold on to and use as a resource - this would also not make it a passive object. Other that this I did want it to have the qualities and features associated with newspapers; mass produced, specific dimensions, special print methods and stock.

With this in mind I mind-mapped my thinking.

Although it was a sparse mind-map it allowed me to specifically visualise the format and the decisions I have to make, as well as the possible content.

The format decisions I need to make are;
Size of newspaper - Tabloid // Broadsheet // Berliner // Custom
Image // Text // Image and text
Full colour // Black and white // Monotone

For the content of my newspaper I want to include all the pre-production considerations, the process and processes and possibly the work of famous printers or designers.

Once I had decided on the content of my news paper I drew up a list of pages and started to plan them out.

I started to decided what would go on what pages, grouping them together and working out how many pages and/or spreads each section would need.

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