Tuesday, 5 November 2013



For one of the sessions we were asked to produce three different scamps and a sitemap so that we could receive feedback on them.

The first scamp I produced was not necessarily to be used as the homepage, however, I have decided to have a ‘history’ page and this was a possible layout for that. The concept is a simple timeline. The length of the stems reflects the importance of the date to the company. To avoid a build up of information that would look busy; I wanted the information for each date to appear as you move the curser over it.

The second scamp I produced was a design for the page that focuses on the jacket. The concept behind this scamp was to have representative sketches of the jackets and the user could click on various areas of the jacket to get more information on the manufacture//reasoning behind the design.

The final scamp was a possible design for the homepage. In this design the navigation bar is located on the right hand side with a large logo on the left and some key information towards the bottom.


From my research I had chosen a definite 3 pages, the homepage, a page on the history and a page on the jackets. As we were advised to have a 5 page website I also added page on the collaborations and the collections, however I am not sure whether they will be effective and included in the final design.


The feedback I received:

(3)     I like the layout of this design     -        Clean and minimal making it easy for the audience to follow and navigate within.

(3)     Like the division at the bottom and the side illustration.

(1)     Very informative but is it appropriate for a home page.

(2)     Good composition  -        Showing label in the jacket is a good concept.

The feedback allowed me to see which designs were appropriate and what elements were the best in each individual one.

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