Tuesday, 22 April 2014

OUGD503 - Staff Vs. Student Charity Football Match Poster

I was asked to produce some promotional material for a charity football match that was being organised through the college. This was a brief I turned around very quickly. I did not really produce any develop work and jumped straight into designing the actual poster. 

I was given all the information the poster had to contain. This information was; date of the match, transport, time of the match, location, charity logo and 'Charity Football Match'.

My original design used a circle as a motif, referencing the shape of a football. I produced a set of four posters, one focusing on the staff, one focusing on the students and the other two encouraged people to support and go and watch the game. The header type was placed inside a coloured circle to add impact and draw the viewers focus. The header was in a bold font in all upper-case so that it stood out and could be easily read. 

All the information was a much smaller point size, laid out in three columns to break the information up. This copy was also in grey, so that it did not distract from the impact image above.

The colours were chosen from the strips the teams would play in. The students were to play in the LCA Green and the staff were to play in the old strip, which is lily white with a yellow trim. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances the match was moved to a different date. This required some amendments to the posters. As well as the date and time needing to be changed, the Student's Union wanted the inclusion of the LCA logo and the yellow to be changed to blue - the colour of the kit shorts. The Srudent's Union also wanted some of the information changing.

Some of the information was removed to make the poster less cluttered, the key information was bold and/or in a larger point size. The font had been change to make the posters more readable. The yellow had been changed to the blue and as well as the LCA logo the Student's Union logo was also added. The copy was kept in three columns and kept the same colour.

I was not completely happy with the outcome of this project as i did not get to spend as much time on it as I would have liked. The outcome, however, is simple yet effective, it draws your attention and provides all the necessary information. 

The design side of this project is not very strong although all elements have been considered and design decisions have been made carefully. 

These posters were placed all around college, which is good exposure of my work. The match itself was a massive success, raising over £1700 for charity - the most the college has ever raised from a single event.

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