Sunday, 30 September 2012

Freshers Flu Logo

As part of our process for creating our ‘survival kit’ we wanted to create a brand and a logo. For our logo we wanted to create something with a fairly form medical feel to it, whilst at the same time having the more relaxed element of freshers.

To start with we looked at the existing medical symbols, with the most recognisable ones being Caduceus; two snakes wrapped around a winged pole, and the Rod of Asclepius, a snake wrapped around a staff.

We wanted to emulate the fundamental element to these symbols; an object twisted around another object. We chose two objects, one associated with doctors and medical imagery and one more associated with freshers. For the medical object we chose a stethoscope. We chose this for two main reasons; 1, its medical value and relevance and 2, its possibility of being twisted around another object. The object we chose associated with freshers was a beer bottle.

Once we had decided on a logo, it was preliminarily drawn up and turned into a basic digital form by Emily Lodge. After further discussion the logo was edited and finalized (primarily by Rinesh Mistry but with input from the whole group), adding the abrieviation of our created company FHS (Freshers Health Service), it was able to be used in whatever way we wanted.

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