Sunday, 30 September 2012

Freshers Flu Leaflet

To accompany the box and the company, we also decided to produce a leaflet that would explain, inform, instruct and educate the reader, as well as allow them to claim their free ‘Freshers Flu Survival Kit’.

As with the logo we wanted to have a formal side and a more relaxed, humorous side. For the more humorous side, tying it in with the idea of prescribed medicine, we created a prescription form. We adapted the recognisable UK prescription, filling in existing parts with our own information and creating new sections to inform the reader. On top of this we also created our own doctor – DR. Fred Resher – who would be able to answer any questions the users may have. Joe Leadbeater created a twitter account for our doctor as we believed that a social network was the best way for students to respond and react to our product – the best way to gain feedback, both positive and negative.

On the reverse side to the prescription it was the more formal information. Whilst creating it we wanted to have it in keeping with the NHS as we thought associating ourselves with the UK’s National Health Service would show us, as a company, to be genuine and authentic. To do this we adapted the layout and colours to ones similarly seen on NHS leaflets and information. This worked well, producing a clean and crisp aesthetic that was simple yet attractive and most importantly easily readable, allowing the reader to get the information they want fast and clearly. The form on the bottom enables the fresher to collect their free ‘Freshers Flu Survival Kit’ once completed. The logo has also been incorporated to raise awareness of the company, alongside other similar health organisations, such as ‘drinkaware’ and ‘talk to frank’.

The Leaflet was created by all members of the group: Jasper Lee, Joe Leadbeater, Rinesh Mistry, Anisha Mistry and Emily Lodge

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