Monday, 1 October 2012

Freshers Flu Photographs

Once all elements of the products had been finished and all the labels applied the box was assembled and photographed. The first photograph shows the box in its closed position as the fresher would receive it. The sticker, created by Joe Leadbeater is also visible on top of the box, detailing what it is.

When packing the box we were undecided on what would be the best and most effective way to arrange the items in the box. The first way we tried was by adding some red tissue paper, giving it a more gift-like feel to it.

The second arrangement we tried was simply ordering and fitting the items into the box. I thought this way was much more effective through its simplicity and ordered nature.

The next two photos show the labels (produced by Emily Lodge & Anisha Mistry) attached to the product - displaying how we tried to emulate prescription stickers on pill bottles. The effect created by having the medical style stickers on items such as Haribo Starmix and teabags, is a more humorous and playful one. With the research into existing prescription medicine labels we put as much detail into them whilst replacing the information with our own.

The final photograph is the main presentation photograph showing off our products; the box and the leaflets (both sides). 

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