Sunday, 18 November 2012

Message and Delivery: Distrobution - Mailshot

We were given another brief, continuing with the Message and Delivery: Research. For this brief we had to create a mailshot, following the same theme as our posters, that informed whoever we chose to send it do of our newspaper story. The mailshot had to be DL size and was allowed to be an envelope, leaflet, postcard, etc. I came up with ten preliminary ideas, which I quickly sketched. As with the posters we were only allowed to use two colours and stock so I had to bear that in mind when creating my designs.

Once I had quickly sketched out my initial ideas I began to digitize them to see which one was the most effective when properly laid out.

I had a wide range of envelope designs to choose from; however, I was set on what I wanted in the mailshot. I wanted to keep it simple, powerful and to the point, in-keeping with the posters. Over working the designs would lose the high impact I wanted to achieve so I kept the designs limited to the 3 images used in the poster and type.

Once I had chosen my final designs I printed them on to 210gsm white card to give them a more professional feel and important look, whilst also making them more substantial. We also had to produce a mailing list of the places where we would send our mailshot. I chose two well-known English newspapers and two well-known American newspapers as the reciepients of my mailshot as they wrongly reported him as being dead. 

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