Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Adobe Photoshop - Session 2

In the second Photoshop session we looked at how turn multiple busy photographs from one specific point into a single clear image. For this a selection of images must be taken from a single point. This process removes any unwanted people, animals and anything that isn’t fixed over the duration of the photograpgh. It is important that the camera isn’t moved, as Photoshop needs fixed points to work with. To you this you:

Select File -> Script -> Load files in to stack
You then create smart object
And finally convert the Stack mode - Layer -> Smart Object -> Stack Mode -> Median

When Photoshop combines all of the layers to only show the static points, you also loose any detail in the sky. To solve this problem another, more attractive sky can be imported from another image. This is simply done by:

Load other image -> copy across -> Quick select sky -> Select inverse -> Delete selected area

We also learned how to produce a contact sheet that allowed us to print all of our photographs out equally sized together, enabling us or the client to choose there preferred one. This is done by:

File -> Automate -> Contact Sheet -> select the options wanted

The types of file format we should use when working in Photoshop are as follows:

Lossless -> Print -> TIFF -> .tif

Lossy -> Digital -> JPEG -> .jpeg

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