Sunday, 9 December 2012

Printed Text and Reading - Primary Research

For the most recent brief we were separated into groups and told to research our given subject matter. The subject we were given was Printed Text & Reading. In our groups we pooled together ideas and possible directions we could take our research. Once we had pooled all of our ideas together we each selected one we wanted to research. My chosen research subject was Printed Text & Reading in the environment. I wanted to focus on scale, positioning, layout, perspective and concept.

For my primary research I have walked the streets of Leeds looking for and photographing where printed text is used. As outlined at the start, I want to focus on location and scale so whilst collecting my primary research these are areas I have focused on.

The most common form of Printed Text found around Leeds are these pillars that are plastered with posters for up and coming events. The pillars stand around 2 meters tall and around 1 meter wide. They have 8 flat faces that enable the posters to be pasted on. The Printed Text is slightly larger than commonly seen, as it has to be readable whilst conveying a large amount of information.

Another common place to find Printed Text on a much larger scale is on shops. This is a much more commercial type of Printed Text. When this happens it is usually the shop name and/or logo that is printed in massive letters on the side of the building. In the case of Jaldi Jaldi and Costa the text is printed onto glass, meaning other buildings and object are reflected, something I do not think shows off the brand as well as possible as the reflection detracts from what is printed.

Another very common area of Printed Text in the environment is advertising, in this case, on billboards. The reason I chose to photograph billboards rather than other advertisements is due to their scale. I find that the larger scale works have a much greater impact. Adverts on this scale need to be easy to read and therefore the key information is much larger.

Another place I found printed text was on the side of the art gallery. As found with my secondary research and my experience of going to art galleries, it is usual to have information about the exhibition printed onto the walls. This makes the information easily accessible and readable. Out of all of the printed text I found around the city, this was one of the most effective and aesthetically attractive.

The final and most effective Printed Text I found around the city was this text on the side of boards marking out a building site. This is the most effective as it is simple and clear. This is also and interesting piece of text as it is only temporary, it is there whilst the building work is being completed. Although this is not on a massive scale it is larger than would usually be seen. In comparison to the other Printed Text in Leeds, this has the greatest impact, followed by the gallery and the advert. When compared to the secondary research it is not as powerful as it lacks the innovation of concept that Printed Text such as the Eureka Carpark and the Design Museum Cafe have.


I want to move my research away from the poster stand and commercial promotional side to Printed Text in the environment.
I want to focus it down on the larger scale work where there is an innovative, more creative element to the work. I really like the idea of working on walls to a scale that would not be commonly expected. I do not want to look any further into advertising, however billboard and scale is something I possibly want to develop whilst looking at scale.

I chose the temporary information for the store and the eternal wall printing for the gallery as the most affective Printed Text in Leeds. When they are compared to other images and Printed Text, however, found elsewhere, they loose their impact.

The key focus areas I want to explore in greater depth and potentially develop work from are:
            -           Scale (Billboard/wall)
            -           Perspective
            -           Information
            -           Unusual/experimental
            -           Interaction between printed text and it’s environment

Whilst looking further into these areas there are also other elements that much be considered, such as:
            -           Legibility
            -           Readability
            -           Communication

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