Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grids and Divine Proportions 1

Fibonacci Sequence

§  All about ratios and proportions
§  Derived from nature
§  Series of numbers
-                Each number is the sum of the preceding numbers
§  Use of Fibonacci Sequence in design
-                Layout
-                Paper size

§  55 point title should be complimented with a 34 point body copy


Golden Section

§  Achieves balance in designs
§  Deep routed in culture
§  Golden number is 1.62
§  Rectangle where the length and width are at the golden ration

Rule of Thirds

§  Divide any given image into thirds
§  Simplification of the golden ratio
§  Once the image is in thirds it can be put into thirds again creating grids
§  Focal point – the first place the eye is drawn to
§  Information points – other secondary areas where the eye is drawn to

Once we had looked at the way grids functioned we chose pages from out magazines and divided them into thirds.

Once that was done, we then chose other pages from magazines and tried to work out and divide up the grids used to lay out that page.

Finally we attempted to create a hybrid page using different bits of different grids from different magazines.

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