Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Grids and Divine Proportions 2

Canons and Grids

Van De Graaf Canon
-                Gridded page
-                Structured elements so it can be organized
-                Divides page up into pleasing proportions
-                “Secret canon”
-                Works for any page height:width ratio


-                Width of column
-                More than design or format
-                Legibility
-                Printed text is read by the eye of a distance of 30-35cm
-                Empirical rule: 7 words per line for text of any length/size
-                To keep the area light and open LEADING must be considered
-                Overshort and overlong lines tire the eye
-                Overlong lines are strenuous to read

The key is the ease of reading

Text must not impair the rhythm of reading

This cannot apply to titles and subtitles

Margin Proportions

-                Influence of overall feel of page
-                Too small – looks over full
-                Too large – exaggeration
-                Well balanced – agreeable impression

Bad Proportion
Side margins are the same
-                Indecision and dullness

Well Proportioned
Right hand page due to larger left margin
More applicable to literature
Luxurious and increase print costs

The Type Area

-                1 and 2 grid margins

Is it all to do with perception? -> Subjective

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