Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Birth of a Font

As part of our investigation into typography we were asked to create 5 hybrid fonts. We were told to do this by dissecting existing fonts and joining them together how we saw fit. We were told to create as many combinations as possible and then chose five options from the collection. First of all we had to produce AaBbCc and once we had chosen the five different fonts we were to produce XxYyZz. To create the hybrid letters we had to choose 4 fonts: a roman font, a script font, a gothic font and a block font. The fonts I chose were; Century, Monotype Corsiva, Helvetica and Poplar Std.

Once I cut up, rearranged, photographed and chose the 5 fonts I wanted to create I traced them out onto tracing paper using a pencil and then filled the letters in with black permanent marker.

Finally I drew the letters on Adobe Illustratorr so they could be resized and arranged alongside each other. It also gives me a digital version of the letters I created. As well as creating these new fonts, we also had to name them.

Posh & Modern
  Posh & Bold
 Old & New
 Helvetica Corsiva

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