Tuesday, 8 October 2013


In this session we were all asked to bring in examples of different printed media. With this selection we arranged them into groups under the categories of; format, colour, production, process, finishing and stock.


For format we arranged the products in lines. The first line was books, followed by publications & magazines, packaging, labels, flyers, products, information and business cards.


For colour we ordered them starting with single colour prints or monochrome prints, moving to 2 to 4 colour prints and finishing with multi/full colour print.


When we organized the production in terms of whether it was mass produced, small run or batch produced and bespoke.


With processes we separated them into digital print – this was the majority, screen print, foiling & embossing and finally gloss.


We then divided the examples up buy estimating which were the cheapest to produce (left) and which were the more expensive to produce (right).
We found a correlation between the mass produced examples and the cheapest examples as well as the bespoke and the more expensive to produce.

The final categories we put them into were: information & way-finding, branding & identity, product & packaging and publication & editorial.

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