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The logo is used in two different colours – red and black. Both these colours stand out and the red could reflect the danger of the job and the patriotic American nature.

The letterforms are futuristic, as space has always been seen as the future. The letterforms also have a aerodynamic feel to them as well as representing the tubes that attach the astronaut to the shuttle.

The joining of the AS could represent the joining or unison of the astronaut and space, shuttle or service.

NASA rebranded after the logo became associated with the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster and the deaths of 7 astronauts.


Laand is Alan Norwell’s landscape architecture firm.

The logo incorporates his initials, the word land and the letters rearrange to make his name – Alan.

The lines around his initials are contour lines found on maps and architectural drawings of landmass.


The Swoosh is simple and iconic. Designed to rival the 3 stripes of Adidas and represent speed and movement. The Swoosh is not gender specific and can be used on a vast range of products and fit in easily.


The Jet2 logo is basic, simple and cheap as the company is a budget airline. The oblique font represents movement and speed, whilst the tittle on the ‘J’ is separated by a silhouette of a plane. The wording ‘Jet2’ can be interpreted as ‘go to’ which is understandable as the company fly all over the world.


The Rolex logo has a feel of sophistication, heritage and quality. This is seen through the use of the colours green and gold and the Roman serif font and the crown. The crown could also represent royalty or a regal quality. The crown is also said to symbolize prestige, victory and perfectionism.


The four rings in the Audi logo represent the link/amalgamation of Audi with DKW, Horch and Wanderer. Each ring represents one company and the overlapping shows the link and merger of these companies.
The rings could also represent the four wheels on a vehicle.
The flick on the ‘A’ shows movement and speed.


The Quiksilver logo combines two elements of the company’s interests – snow sports and water sports. The water sports, specifically surfing, are represented by the wave on the left and the snow sports side is represented with the mountain on the right.
The curve of the wave and the mountain also create a ‘Q’ shape.
Roxy – Quiksilver’s female brand – have adapted the existing logo by rotating it 90degrees clockwise and mirroring it. This creates a heart shape that looks like it is being created by two hands.


This logo is very masculine, depicting a very stereotypical vintage cycler. The vintage look is seen in the style of hat and the moustache. The name of the club ‘Velocity’ also has significance as the French word for bike is ‘velo’.


Gold may represent wealth, royalty and prestige.
His initials are Au, which is the chemical symbol for gold on the periodic table.
He is a designer and this self-branding was done through his love of the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio/number – again linking back to the colour.
He has replaced the chemical number with the golden number.
Using the black emphasizes the gold and makes it stand out more.


The Yamaha logo is simple and bold.
The 3 tuning forks link to the company’s musical heritage and represent the 3 parts of the business – technology, production and sales. The enclosing circle signifies the company’s global reputation.
The 3 forks are also said to represent the 3 essential musical elements – melody, harmony and rhythm.


The Chanel logo is simple yet elegant, modern and timeless.
The logo is quite bold for the product of the company; however, this does fit with the company’s corporate global side.
The interlocking Cs were inspired by stained glass windows in an Aubazine chapel.

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