Saturday, 30 November 2013


I decided to produce my newspaper at tabloid size. I made this decision as tabloid is the most popular form of newspaper. It is less formal than a broadsheet, with many contemporary broadsheets changing to the tabloid format. It is a size that is easy to read compared to the others. I did think about a custom size but this could have possible problems wen printing/sourcing a printer.

Having decided on my format, I started to think about the design of the publication.

The first element of the newspaper that I started to design was the front cover.
I initially produced thumbnail sketches of a variety of possible cover designs.

Unlike a conventional newspaper I wanted my cover to have very little information on it and for it to just have the title.
I then produced the designs digitally so i could properly visualise how they would look and try out different layouts.
When producing them digitally I also designed a few more to increase my choice and because it was quick and easy to make small changes that are not possible when sketching.

The designs are entirely type based and I just experimented with different layouts, point sizes and fonts.
All the designs simply say 'The Print Paper' or the phonetic spelling of print. The second layout has a dictionary definition of what print is, this is something I thought quite appropriate to the brief, however, I am not sure whether it functions as a cover or whether it would be better used in the newspaper.  
Having produced a wide variety of different ideas I'm not sure which cover idea I want to use on the final design. This is a question I will pose to my peers during our crit and from that feedback I will make a decision on which cover to use.
I want to use a cover that has and unusual layout and is not something standard, reflecting what the newspaper is.

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