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For this critique I only had a few mock up digital designs and a page plan, indicating the content and where it would go. Prior to the critique, I set out several questions I wanted answering. These questions were:

  • Do you think a more ‘radical’ layout is appropriate or should I use a more conventional one?
  • Should the paper be in full colour, monotone or black & white?
  •  Looking at the content order, do you think that the content is in the correct order?
  • What is you favourite front page out of my 36 designs?
     The feedback I was looking for was mainly to do with the order and colour as well as some design features as the paper has not yet been fully designed. 

     The feedback I received will be in Helvetica Oblique and my responses will be in Helvetica Regular.

I personally think you should try to use a similar grid system throughout to keep continuity.

The grid system is the same throughout, however, each page is modified to make the publication more interesting and engaging.

Maybe try using two/three fonts to help break up content, headings and subheadings.

This is an interesting suggestion and I will experiment with different fonts to see how this looks and then make a final decision.

I think it needs full colour for the diagrams to be clearly explained.

Some diagrams, especially the colour ones would not work without full colour.

The contents covers a wide range of areas. Be careful not to be more in depth with one area – try to keep the level of information consistent.

I wanted the paper to be filed with information so I intend on covering everything in the same detail.

I think the box works for the front cover. Maybe try it next to the print heading. Thinking about it I think it should read as ‘The Print Paper’ as it makes the content clearer.

I really like the layout you have got here. It’s not too ‘radical’ – but I don’t know who your audience is. You need to get you content together quickly though.

My audience is young creatives and learners with an interest in print. My content is pretty much together although it has not been put into my design yet as I am still playing with the layout.

Full colour – if you are printing CMYK squares.

The paper would have to be in full colour if I was printing those diagrams.

I think ‘Format’ and ‘Layout’ should come after ‘Stock’.

The one with the big ‘P’

You probably need more content/specified content. Could be specific to printing newspapers.

I didn’t want to limit my content to just that of newspaper design as I wanted to explore more areas of design for print. I have almost all of the content ready it just needs to be placed in the design.

The layout works very well, the structure is very reflective of printing marks etc. Gives of that newspaper vibe.

I think you should keep it simple, as design students are quite picky & heaps of text can be quite off putting but still supply the important information.

Full colour works well but don’t overcrowd each page. Keep them quite minimal when it comes to colour.

Maybe consider having stock as one of the first pages, as it should be considered at an early stage.

The design decisions I made following this critique are;
  • The design will be alternative and different, however, it will be created from the same grid structure to maintain a fluency throughout.
  • I have chosen to use to fonts in the publictaion, Helvetica Bold for the headers and Helvetica Regular for the body copy. The reason I have not used a greater variety of fonts or two very different font is because the audience as young creatives and students will appreciate a clean, crisp and modern design and typeface. I will use a different (script) font for the quote in the middle of the page.
  • After this crit I am still unsure as to the cover choice I will use. I will now choose the cover reflectively, taking into account the design of the interior of the paper.
  • Since the crit there has been a change in the order of the publication. I have drawn up a new order which can be seen below.

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