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We were asked to select three briefs from the ISTD Competition briefs from 2009,2010 and 2011.

Once we had chosen them we then add to read through them and underline the relevant information or the information that was useful amongst all of the fluff.

We then had to select one brief to continue with. The brief I chose was the ISTD 2009 PROJECT 05 – TYPE FACTORY. With this chosen brief we that had to write down 5 or more facts we knew of the brief and about the brief.

·      It is a museum and gallery space.
·      There is no defined location.
·      It is to host temporary contemporary exhibitions.
·      It will function as a venue for talks.
·      There is a café and a bookstore.
·      It is type/typography based.
·      It will cover all aspects of type.

After we had completed that task we were asked to come up with five audiences from the brief.

·      Designers.
·      Tourists.
·      No age restriction.
·      School children.
·      People with an interest in type.

We were then asked to find five points of communication in the brief.

·      Inform and educate visitors about type.
·      Show examples and works of type and typographic design.
·      Provide inspiration through space and content.
·      ‘Create an experience’ for the visitor, rather than just another museum and gallery.
·      Celebrate type and everything about it.

I found this part quite difficult as the brief did not provide a clear idea of what they want communicating. Following this we were asked to list a least five things we didn’t know but needed to.

·      What age are school children?
·      Where will it be?
·      Is there a budget//limit?
·      Vague on content and actual building.
·      What resources?

With all this information or lack of information we had do find the problems in the brief that I wanted to solve and why.

·      New typography based museum and gallery without any branding.
-       Extensive design development possible with the creation of the whole brand identity.
-       It is needed, as without its identity the ‘Type Factory’ does not really exist.

·      There isn’t a current museum dedicated to type in this country and people do not really know about typography.
-       It is an area I have knowledge in and it is something that people shout want to learn about.

·      A lot of potentially boring information.
-       Display and promote the information in a way that is interesting, exciting and engaging.

Once we had completely dissected the brief, we then had to rewrite it so that it was clear, understandable and without any of the excess fluff.

I produced a hand-written draft and then a digital version. The two are very similar with a few minor detail changes.

 Module Code 


The Brief
-       New museum & gallery space all about
type and typography.
-       It is a resource as well as an experience.
-       Also contains a café & a bookstore.
-       Currently has no branding.

-        Where the museum & gallery will be.
-        How big the space will be.
-        Colour//Fonts//Layout.
-        What will be on display.
-        What will be sold in the shop & café.
-        How will the resource work.
-        This is aimed at school children as well as professionals.

-       Design the whole brand identity &
promotional material.
-       As a business as well as museum &
-       Everything printed from interiors &
exteriors through to stationary, napkins
and business cards.
-       Everything digital from website to app.


-       Inform//educate//excite.
-       All aspects of type.
-       Will house a range of artefacts &
-       History of type.
-       Temporary contemporary design
-       Venue for talks by leading advocates and emerging talent.
-       Encourage interaction amongst visitors.

Target Audience
Mandatory Requirements
-       Designers (any age) – probably new.
-       School children – Senior school//college – 15+.
-       Tourists.
-       Anyone with an interest in type.

-        Research & development.
-        Strategy.
-        Specifications//grids.
-        Dummies//prototypes.
-        Presentation.
Tone of Voice
-       Informative.
-       Educational.
-       Exciting.
-       Quite Professional but not inaccessible.
Full brand identity – everything possible.
Print – Booklet//outdoor advertisements.
Web – Website.
One must be done and the other must be proposed.

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