Sunday, 10 November 2013



I produced a detailed scamp of my homepage to get some feedback on. Although it was very similar to a previous scamp I had produced this was much more detailed and was closer to the design I was thinking about in the first scamp.

I received a great deal of feedback on this scamp:

-       Good use of labeling, know what you mean.
-       Maybe too much negative space, although could work well depending on the colours used.
-       Limit the colour pallet – will suit the brand.

-       ‘South Shields’ should all be on one line.
-       I think that the information text on the right hand side should go all the way to the bottom or at least to the other text as there is a big white space – does it need to start at t he top of the page?

-       Like the ‘the’s – makes it more informal and inviting.
-       Could involve some animation with the lighthouse – hover over links and the lighthouse illuminates?

-       Like how minimal the homepage is
-       The use of image to take up the background is interesting.

-       The side navigation works well, understated but still needs to be noticeable and not washed out by imagery.
-       The bottom text looks more like navigation than the side.

The feedback was pretty good and there are a few points I will experiment with, specifically the layout and arrangement of the links on the right side.

I also want to see what any interactive features could look like. The one thing I really want to avoid it the website looking overcrowded and cheep.


In the peer review I wanted to answer and get feed back on the proposed audience as well as my over all concept.

The feedback I received on the audience was:
-       Age groups may not be applicable
-       A lot of labels
Who are these people on a more detailed level?
-       Who wears Barbour?
-       Dissect the labels.
-       Audience & tone of voice need to be spot on.

The general feedback I received was:
-       Have links to external websites such as Barbour.
-       Links to Barbour retailers.
-       Possible shop section?

This feedback helped me, as I still need to articulate my audience. What I discovered from my feedback on the audience is that I need to map out who has worn Barbours over the years and why. This will enable me to visualize all the possible audience and focus so I can move on with the design of my website.

The general feedback was interesting and useful, although I do not know how relevant having a shop section or links to Barbour retailers would be. I think it would be a useful addition to the website, however I don’t know if it is more relevant than my chosen pages. I do think that a link to the official Barbour website would be a good idea.


The feedback I received in the crit was as follows:

-       Consider typeface and font.
-       Background – photograph or logo image
-       Image quality – especially for jackets and focusing in on the specific areas.
-       Use of websafe colours.
-       Consistent layout needed on all pages throughout the website.
-       Focus your audience – audience timeline.

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