Saturday, 26 October 2013


In the first fundamental web session we looked at the concept of our website.

For this we put all our information down onto paper so we could then dissect and choose what we wanted to take forward and develop as our concept.

Once I had chosen the areas I wanted to have on my website I then mind-mapped the specifics. These included the information, the format, how it could be designed, communication and most importantly the audience.

Deciding on a specific audience created problems as the audience hasn’t changed but have diversified recently.
Since its beginnings Barbour jackets and clothing have been worn by farmers, fishermen, huntsmen, military personal, motorcyclists and more recently has become popular amongst fashionistas and hipsters.

The difficulty is defining an audience, as it is so open and wide.

I need to look into this are and find out why it has become popular again. Once I have found this out I will have an audience for my website

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