Saturday, 2 November 2013


·      Navigation should always be the same.
-       Consistent
-       Always visible

·      Welcome pages not needed//ideal.
-       Splash screen

·      Follow web standards.

·      Must be able to be used.
-       Design should not prohibit this.

Chose heading font – Helvetica

Chose body font – Georgia

x width – 200px

Logo square – 200px x 200px

Buttons – 200px x 100px

Navigation bar – 200px x 600px or full height

Open from file bar – right hand side.


         Wrapper or container – outside box

Steal codes – forums

Create div id

Name: # followed by name

Must then put a space in

Must specify the unit of measurement – px
-       % can also be used

Semi colon closes it.

Just written in CSS needs to be called in HTML.

Use forward slash to close div.

Background colour

CSS  - Remove 10px boarder
         - Align wherever

-       Fixed position                 -        Layer
-       Relative positioning         -        Cannot layer
-       Absolute positioning

HTML & CSS automatically update unless something new is created.

Steps to remove boarder:
-       Aligning to the left//top

Left 50%      -        gets the left edge in the middle

Margin-left: -512px -        Half of overall width

Navigation bar:

Height: 768px;
Width: 200px;
(Colour) Background
Relative: relative float: left

Call to HTML

< div id >     -        open
</div>          -        close

Logo space:

-       Illustrator
-       Save as file for web
-       Save in root -        Images
-       Do not hide extensions
-       .png

Need to go after navigation

Organizing divs     -        tab them across

Save for web        -        hide layer     -        Home 01

Save for web        -        reveal all      -        Home 02

Create button in CSS

HTML: Role over button

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