Saturday, 2 November 2013


In the second web session we focused on the navigation of our websites.

As a group we started by listing all the different types of navigation that we could think of. This included links, layout and positioning.
We created lists of the most common and the uncommon types.

The navigation of our website is the formation and layout of the individual pages. Effectively a more detailed sitemap, the navigation illustration shows the links between pages and how//whether they will inter-connect.

With the navigation map, more information was added to see if there were more links between the different pages and whether the pages and content were relevant.

This session provided me with a few questions about my website. As it is to be an informative website and I want to focus on the brand and heritage were all my proposed pages applicable.

As we are require to create a 5 page website I included two pages I am not entirely confident with.

The pages I am certain on including are the homepage, the history page and the jackets page. The pages I am not certain on, however, are the collaborations page and the collections page. I think the collaborations page could be a useful addition, especially with the contemporary collaborations. The reason I have doubts about the collections page is because I am not sure as to whether it is too much information and whether it would cross over too much with the other pages, as I do not want to repeat information.

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