Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OUGD503 - Live Brief - School Sports Coaching Logo

I was asked to design a logo for a School Sports Coaching company.
I initially contacted the client setting out all the contractual agreements so that everything would run smoothly throughout the project as well as cost and development process.

Once both sides had agreed all of these, I proceeded to produce some initial ideas. I started out by sketching out some possible designs before digitizing them so they could be sent off to the client for their opinion and feeds back.

Once they had chosen a logo design I slightly changed it to how they wanted, experimenting with different fonts and colour arrangements. I then sent this back off to the client as another development stage. Along with the designs I also sent the client a selection of fonts that they could choose from.

They returned to me with a few other amendments and changes that they wanted making and a change in front. I made these amendments, changed the font and broke the logo up into its different components, before sending it to them for any final adjustments.

There was very little left to change, just removing some of the designs they didn’t want and adding a couple of type based elements before the logos were completed.

(In the upload process the colours have changed slightly and do not reflect the actual colours used.)

Once the logos were completed I sent them through in both the file formats they required (JPEGs and PNGs).

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