Monday, 19 May 2014


After the previous crit I made some design decisions. The main decision was on the packaging. I chose to use the white card with the monogram pattern cut out of the front. I also decided on the design that had the opening at the top as this was the most appropriate for the publication.

I redesigned the cover off the publication so that a solid block of blue was visible through the laser cut monogram.

After looking through the publication I decided I wanted to change a few things. The first was the margin around the outside, this was currently too small and meant that information was sometimes being lost. The other was the quote on the back of the publication. I had changed it from the original quote on my first design and I did not want it to be as obvious as it was.

The final design and content:
An extra DPS had to be added as to print the publication it needed to be a multiple of 4. I therefore added four images of the current SS14 range.

I had the publication printed at Hobs Reprographics and although it was not printed on the stock I originally stated, it still looked sophisticated and professional, which is what I wanted.

The packaging was cut using the laser cutter, raising the stock on pins to limit the amount of burn that was transferred onto the card. The envelope was then permanently sealed and could only be opened by tearing along a per-perforated edge.

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