Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The final element to the Hardy Amies retrospective show was the design of the catwalk and the arrangement of the room.

As I had already decided that the event was going to be held in the Savoy, I needed to decide on the room and how it would be laid out. I found all the information on plans and capacity of the Savoy here;

The Savoy - Building Details

With this in mind I was able to decide on a room, redesign the floor plan and calculate numbers. 

Having looked at all of the possible rooms to use in the Savoy, I decided on the Lancaster Ballroom and Parlor Rooms. I decided on these rooms as they were the original venue for the 1961 show and also had the greatest capacity. This room has been used for catwalk shows previously which means they are capable of hosting such an event.

The company already provide some possible floor plan options for catwalks and fashion shows. 

Each proposed design was very regimented. For the retrospective show I wanted a more interesting catwalk. I liked the idea of tables rather than rows of seating. I also needed to include the Moet & Chandon bar and Martini bar. 

I used the exterior of the room and adapted the interior to make it how I wanted. 

The idea for this shape catwalk stemmed from the original 1961 show.

The tables allow guest to interact as well as watch the show. This is important as socialising was a key part of Hardy Amies Ltd. 

The blue block on the left of the plan is the bar, serving Moet & Chandon Champagne and the Hardy Amies Martini. 

The Lancaster Ballroom also as a room off of it call the Parlor Room. This room will be used for receiving the guests, distributing the packs and press talks/interviews.

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