Tuesday, 20 May 2014


As part of the show I decided to design a website. This was to be used as a reference, so that anyone who had been to the show could look back at it and for the general public, who were not invited to the event, a chance to see the collections.

The design was very simple and followed the same aesthetic as the printed ephemera. 

The homepage was very simple. It showed the pages of the website as well as giving an introduction to the event.

The lookbook page was split into two. As almost everything has been centrally aligned, so was the website. The lookbook page gave the user the opportunity to choose which collection they wanted to look at and an image of each collection to give them amn idea of what the content is.

When the user chose the collection they wanted to look at, it would show them the photos from the location shoot and give details of the look being worn in each image.

The same principle that was used with the looks was also used with the locations. When a user selects a location it brings up imagery and information about the one they have selected. 

The contact page was only one single page, however it was again split, providing contact information for both Hardy Amies and The Savoy. 

The roll-over buttons worked by becoming underlined when hovered over or clicked on. This was done to make the navigation clearer for the user. 

The 'sponsors' page just thanked all of the sponsors and provided links to their websites. 

Looking back on the website, I think it needs a gallery page or a page that shows off and documents the show itself. This would include images and video from the show as well as more information on the looks and clothing.

The website was mocked up to show how it would appear to the user;

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