Monday, 19 May 2014


As a follow up to my research and studio brief 01, I wanted to produce and design a theoretical fashion show. 

The show would be a retrospective of Hardy Amies' famous 1961 show entitled MAN. The show would display a collection of reinvented classics, with inspiration taken from the original show, as well as the first look at next seasons collection.

I split the project into 4 main areas, the promotion, the location, the content and the event. With each of these main areas I wrote down all of the things that I thought were required for each of the sections. 

This gave me a basis so that I could start designing and producing work.

We then had a crit and I was able to get feedback on my thoughts and ideas. 

I asked four questions that I wanted answering, meaning I could get specific feedback. The four questions that I asked were;

What do you think is the most appropriate for a high end fashion show - simple/extravagant?

Would a 'goodybag' be an appropriate media to hand out at such an event?

Should a high end fashion show be invite only or open to the public/pay to go?

How do I improve the laser cut finish?

The feedback I received was very useful as it gave me areas to look at that I hadn't previously thought of, confirmed my existing thoughts and informed me how to improve my finish on the laser cutter. 

I proceeded to write a list of all the work that I wanted to produce and thought needed producing for a high end fashion show.

This scan is from after I had started producing the work so I had crossed the parts I had produced off. Prior to this I had the proposal critiqued. The responses I received were as follows;

The feedback suggested that I should prioritise the most important elements, digitally print my work instead of screen print to save time and mock up anything that couldn't be finished.

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