Sunday, 11 November 2012

Message and Delivery: Research - Idea Development

From my research and the suggestions from the critique I looked at the key elements I could use in my three posters. As we were limited to only text in one, only image in another and only two colours, I wanted to keep it simple and high impact.

As this is not the first time Castro has proved he is alive, I wanted to use that as a foundation for my posters. In the newspaper article there were several dates highlighted when rumours spread of his death.

-       The first suggestion of his death was in 1957 where there was the headline ‘Castro is Alive’ reported in the New York Times.  In this report it was said, ‘because of censorship, Havana and other Cuban cities crackle with the most astonishing rumours. One constantly encouraged by the government has been that Fidel Castro is dead.’
-       The next rumour was in 2004 and was treated with more humour, ‘Rumours of Castro’s Death Sweep Miami-Dade – Again’, but this was dismissed as ‘wishful thinking’.
-       Again in 2007 there was speculation that his death was immanent due to drills performed by Miami-Dade Police Dept. This was refuted by the chief of police who said ‘since I’ve been here Fidel has died four times already’.
-       Finally there is the most recent thought that he is dead which has also been disproven by photos showing him as ‘the picture of health’.

I chose to focus on the 1957, 2004 and 2012 rumours as they were more substantial and similar.  We were advised to come up with a selection of different quick illustrated ideas. I came up with several for each, editing the layout, text and images.



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