Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Message and Delivery: Research - Poster Development and Final Outcome

I developed several of my design ideas, as I could not decide on the most affective designs from the quick sketches. The main reason I developed several ideas was to see how they worked when laid out in the correct format and with colour. Producing them digitally also allowed me to edit, change and re-arrange them quickly and easily. In the poster designs I focused on the 3 key dates he was presumed dead on and the 1957 New York Times paper headline, as the fundamental theme throughout my work.

Each design is a slight variation of another, changing the font, images, colour, but mainly the layout. The poster designs that were the hardest to communicate the message clearly were the designs that were only image. I wanted the posters to have a simple and slightly rough feel to them as I tried to emulate propaganda styles.

With several ideas produced it was easier to chose the posters that were most effective and the best aesthetically. With my final chosen ideas I made a few amendments, changed the final head of Fidel Castro to one that was more in keeping with the earlier heads. 

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