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§  Plan or intention
§  Conceptum: received or conceived

‘Three, Five, Severn’
One Prime Creative
-                All based around prime numbers and grids.

-                Instruction manual
-                Understandable in any language
-                Simple
-                Structured
-                Identifiable

We were separated into our groups we were given three words and either restaurant, bar or hotel. With these words we had to develop a concept based in Leeds. When creating the concept we needed to have considerations.

-                What are the client’s needs?
-                Who is our audience?
-                What is the purpose?
-                Bfds
-                Will they be potential customers?
-                Current customers?
-                Potential volunteers?
-                Students?

The three words our group was given were:
-                Hat
-                Frame
-                Calendar

We were also given RESTAURANT.

Initially we ‘brainstormed’ each individual word, writing down anything and everything we associated with the word.

The first word we looked at was FRAME:

-                Architecture
-                Camera  -        Instagram
-                Movie/Film        -        Frames//animation
-                Photo/Picture    -        Paintings/art gallery//movable
-                Frame work
-                Structure  -        Support//skeleton//stable//protection//metal//wood
-                Fame
-                Frameless
-                Wrongly accused       -        Set up
-                Trapped
-                Frame of mind   -        Mind-set
-                Corners
-                Boundaries
-                Frame grilled stake
-                Climbing frame
-                Family/Friends

The second word we looked into was HAT:

-                Classes  -        Social status
-                Magic     -        Rabbits       -        Who framed Rodger Rabbit?//Alice in Wonderland/Trip
-                Uniform   -        Military//authority
-                Mad as a hatter
-                Fez
-                Beret
-                Top hat
-                Bowler hat
-                Cap
-                Flat cap
-                Fashion
-                Hat trick   -        3s//Football//Sports/actual sports bar/fitness-diet
-                Knitting
-                Protection
-                Sizes
-                Hard hat -        Building
-                Sweat band
-                Chef’s hat
-                Thirst-Aid
-                Crown    -        Royal

The final of the given word we looked into was CALENDAR:

-                Religions
-                School/work
-                Seasons -        Meals//weather//décor/atmosphere
-                Academic
-                Mayan
-                Grids      -        Structured
-                Star signs
-                Garden   -        change/unique/high end//courtyard/cobbled/decking//feature/water//trees/treehouse/Alnwick
-                Pies       -        Pumpkin soup
-                Zodiac
-                Leaves
-                Time
-                Deadline
-                Birthdays         -        Celebrations
-                Binding
-                Holidays -        Easter//Christmas/wine/materialism
-                Start/Finish
-                Google
-                Clothing

We also did the same process with the word RESTAURANT:

-                Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
-                Pop-up
-                Food       -        Alternatives
-                Drink       -        Cocktails
-                Leeds     -        What is needed//Location
-                Social     -        Status
-                Money    -        Value
-                Interior design   -        Style//theme//layout//atmosphere
-                Uniform
-                Menu      -        Wine list
-                Music
-                Service   -        Buffet
-                Kitchen   -        Chef
-                Culture
-                Customer
-                Celebration
-                Uniform   -        Waitess//waiter/tips
-                Chain
-                Independent
-                Hygiene
-                Quality

Once we had got a range of possible starting points, there were two that stood out to us. The two ideas stemmed from ‘Treehouse’ and ‘Time-frame’. With these two possible concepts we talked through the possible forms they could take.


The initial treehouse idea was to bring the outside in, or as close to in as was possible. As the most obvious change in seasons is seen through the weather and nature, we thought that a restaurant that had these elements or reflected these elements would be an interesting concept.

The initial concept was to have a glass restaurant built around a large tree so that the seasons could be see through the tree. This then developed into a large glass dome/enclose that would contain plants, trees and grass so that the whole restaurant would change with the seasons. Another concept was that the food would change depending on what season it was, for example in the summer there would be a focus on summer harvest foods such as strawberries and other summer fruits.

We also wanted the elevation of a treehouse so we thought about the possibility of having it on top of a building so that it had an element of superiority, sophistication and a wow factor. We wanted in the city center so that it could be accessed to easily and was the focus of the city.

As we wanted to experience the elements without feeling the effects, it was important to be mostly glass and have a floor that would allow the growth of plants and trees.

This lead us on to think of building our own restaurant with a bar and a shop on the ground floor, a deep glass ceiling that would have drainage so that the plants could grow and a glass lift that would take the customers up to the rooftop restaurant. The shop would sell our own brand products, again depending on the season.

At this point we decided the concept had gone too far and chose to not use it and focus on our other initial idea.


The concept we began to develop was focused on TIME-FRAME. We produced the concept for a restaurant that served affordable gourmet food at unconventional hours.

Who was the audience?
-                Individual commuters
-                Middle class
-                Professional
-                18 – 35


-                Provide a service that is not otherwise available.
-                Supply good quality food that will energise, comfort or satisfy.

Opening hours      -        22:00 – 06:30
Price range           -        £2 - £10

Some seating        -        Breakfast bar
Take-away option

Once we had decided on the fundamental aspects of the concept we moved on to the company name. These are the possibilities we can up with:

Eat Vite
After Hours
Chow Now
The Larder
Meal Shift
Dusk Till Dawn
Bon Vivant
Night (Nite) Bite
Bite (Nite) Night
Late Plate
Warm & Toastie
Light Snack
The Hungry Owl
Midnight Deli
Nox Deli
The Nox Box

The name we chose was NOX. Nox is the Roman translation of the Greek goddess of the night. This was the main reason behind the name as the restaurant is only open during the night. The association with a goddess also suggests sophistication and quality. The word ‘Nox’ is also memorable and easy to pronounce, something we thought to be important.

After we had decided on a name we sketched a few logos as a group, each imputing there own ideas. Once we had a few we liked we split up into sections to produce work for the presentation.

From the initial sketches the logo the we liked the most was 'NoX' with the 'o' raised above a line. This could represent the moon (referencing the opening hours) an image that was also experimented with, as well as the number '10' which is the opening hour.

Joe developed a variety of logos but after some discussion we were all in agreement that the third from the top in the left column was the best.

Sam also came up with some non type based logos as well as experimenting with some other fonts and possible wordmarks.

James and Will imposed the chosen logo onto some possible examples, mock-ups, just to visualise what it would look like. We wanted to create a modern, contemporary and recognisable brand.

Bobby and I looked into what we would sell and how we would price it.
Bobby went to the local deli sandwich shops to see what they offered and for how much. Whilst Bobby gathered primary research I looked online. I specifically wanted to look at gourmet street food – something that is becoming extremely popular. I found a company, whose website had been designed by a digital design studio I had spent a few days with – Nation. This company – Big Apple Hot Dogs – was based in London so I though their prices would be appropriate for both the quality we are aiming for and the location.

Once all our research had been collected Bobby mocked-up a possible menu design, detailing products and prices.

Joe finally mocked-up a confectionary stand in Leeds station, visualizing what the final restaurant could look like.

As a designer and a learner I found this session useful as it gave me a better understanding of ho to create and develop an interesting concept, as well as showing me where something has been taken too far.

As the concept is the foundation to any design it is important to learn the best way to develop and expand a concept as well as present it to an audience, potential client or whoever.

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