Monday, 14 October 2013


There are 2 money factories in the USA
-                Washington D.C.
-                Texas

Together they print over $600 000 000 a day.

The money is printed using the Intaglio printing method.

A master engraver creates an original steel plate.
All engraved by hand.
This process can take up to a year.

The plates are then installed into press.
Ink is then squirted onto the plates.
Any excess ink is wiped off.

10 000 PSI to stamp each bill.

This leaves a raised ink texture on each bill.
This is one way the government deters counterfeiting.
Another way is the paper used:
-                It is a special linen/cotton blend.
-                It has tiny red and blue fibers in it.

Each bill costs approximately 4 cents to make.

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