Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OUGD505 - STUDIO BRIEF 01 - Research Booklet Continued

Once the fundamental parts of the publication had been decided I began on deciding the order and layout of the content.

I began by writing out the content sections that I wanted to include in my publication.

With this list, I proceeded to put the sections into an order that I believed flowed the best and was the most appropriate way of reading the information. The order I chose was;

Basic Information
Early Life & Pre-war
World War II
Professional Journey
ABC of Men's Fashion
No. 14 Savile Row
Who he has Dressed + Achievements
2001: A Space Odyssey

I had serendipitously dissected my research into 8 different sections, meaning that there was a double page spread for each part.

At this point I drew out the pages in order, so that I could make any notes I needed to alongside the relevant page.

This provided me with a platform to have any discussions with myself that I need to. This page order also included the cover (both sides) and the contents page and monogram page.

I began to sketch out possible layouts on some pages as I knew the images that I had for those pages, however, this was not fixed and is most likely to change when I start properly designing.

Changes to the content of the pages can be seen when I decided to remove the bibliography as it was superfluous and replace it with information on the monogram that is being printed on the inside of the cover.

I also had an existing idea for the back cover, however, through writing my content I found another possible quote to put on the back of the publication.

I have written all of the content I want to include in this publication apart from that about his Professional Journey as I though it may actually be covered by the rest of the information. This is an area in the design I still need to think about and decide on what to do.

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